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Thread: history of motocross & FMX

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    Thumbs up history of motocross & FMX

    I thought this was a good read. You forget some of this stuff

    Motocross Timeline by Racer X

    1885: World's first motorcycle built in Germany by mechanical engineer, Gottleib Daimler.

    1924: First motorcycle race (scrambles) held on natural terrain in England. The French would later rename it "Moto Cross."

    1947: The first Moto Cross des Nations is held in Holland.

    1956: The first stadium motocross race is held at Strahov Stadium in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

    1961: The first American stadium motocross race is held in a baseball stadium in Miami, Florida.

    1962: Steve McQueen free-rides through the German countryside on a Triumph motorcycle as Nazi soldiers chase him in the movie The Great Escape. Wearing khaki pants and a black T-shirt, McQueen (actually stunt rider Bud Ekins) crashes while trying to jump a border fence into Switzerland and freedom.

    1965: Daredevil motorcycle jumper Evil Knievel thrills American audiences by jumping cars and busses aboard a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

    1971: The film On Any Sunday is released. It features scenes with Steve McQueen and Malcom Smith free-riding in the sands of Glamis, California.

    1973: American motocrosser Jim Pomeroy is photographed performing what is still considered the perfect cross-up. The image remains a MX icon, much like the silhouette of basketball legend Jerry West that still graces the NBA logo.

    1974: Evil Knievel's Snake Canyon Jump on ABC's Wide World of Sports ends with a splash in the river after the parachute on the X-2 Sky Cycle deploys prematurely.

    1975: Yamaha factory rider Kenny Zhart gains a reputation as a fearless cliff and road-jumper while practicing in the California desert.

    1979: Danny "Magoo" Chandler thrills fans with stylish cross-ups as he begins sailing his Maico motorcycle over the uphill double jump at Saddleback Park near Irvine, California.

    1980: Kenny Zhart starts mastering one-handed whips at Indian Dunes and climbs the "Wall of Death" outside the first turn.

    1980: "Rocket" Rex Staten wins the Daytona Supercross and throws a no-hander at the finish line. Staten is already well known for his trick-riding antics, no-footers, no-handers, and standing wheelies.

    1982: On Any Sunday 2 is released. The movie is universally panned by at the box office.

    1984: Southern California's legendary Holdaland riding area serves as the site of epic play-riding sessions featuring factory riders David Bailey, Ron Lechien, and Johnny O'Mara.

    1985: Palm Avenue outside San Diego becomes a popular jumping spot for a number of high-profile American racers like Rick Johnson, Ron Lechien, and Broc Glover.

    1985: During a photo shoot in California, Rick Johnson pulls his left leg over the back fender of his Yamaha YZ 250 in mid-air, nine years before Jeremy McGrath makes the full Nac-Nac famous.

    1987: Gary Bailey pieces together a video featuring his son David, Johnny O'Mara, Mickey Dymond, Jeff Matiasevich, and Damon Bradshaw as they play-ride at various riding spots. Despite its rough editing and quirky sound-track, Pros at Practice and Play makes its mark as the first-ever freestyle video.

    1987: It's a sold-out Monday Night Football game at Candlestick Park. While the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Bears rest for half-time, NorCal MX pros Dean Matson and Jon Nelson take the field, doing one-handers and no-leggers off wooden ramps behind the end zone.

    1988: Action Sports promoter Drew Wolfe holds a jumping contest during the intermission of Huntington Arenacross I in West Virginia. Yamaha rider Mike Jones defeats "Flyin' Mike" Bias and David Hand for a $250 prize.

    1990: Mike Kidd begins posting a purse for a jump-off at the National Arenacross Series. Budweiser is an early regional sponsor.
    1991: The Barcelona Supercross in Spain holds a post-race jumping contest, and "Factory" Phil Lawerence strips down to his underwear to participate.

    1993: The video Showtime is released. It features the play-riding of newly-crowned Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath, as well as the highlights of his racing career. A former BMX champion, McGrath's style and tricks can be linked to his bicycle background.

    1994 Jeremy McGrath throws his first "Nac-Nac" in US Supercross competition. He pulls the trick on the last lap of his heat race at the Orlando Citrus Bowl. One week later, Cycle News prints the first photo of the trademark trick.

    1994: Fox Racing puts its first video on the market. Terrafirma features Doug Henry playing at Castillo Ranch and dune riding at Pismo Beach.

    1995: Fleshwound Films releases the groundbreaking video Crusty Demon of Dirt. The film, patterned off the wildly successful snowboard movie made by Dana Nicholson and Jon Freeman, introduces the world to Seth Enslow, Bubba, and LBZ-style baggy riding pants. The modern freestyle era has officially begun.

    1996: Promoter Shane Trittler holds the first freestyle motocross contest in Castaic, California. The winner is Larry "The Wombat" Linkogle, whose face is splashed across the cover of Racer X newspaper.

    1996: Larry Linkogle's backyard, a.k.a. the "Metal Mulisha Compound" becomes the headquarters of the freestyle/counterculture movement.

    1996: Wide Open, the first magazine ever devoted entirely to the freestyle movement, makes it's debut. The independent magazine is printed sporadically over the next four years.

    1997: Pace Motorsports invites SMP Freestyle Team (Tommy Clowers, Christian Fletcher, and Larry Linkogle) to hold an exhibition during the intermission of the opening round of the 1997 AMA Supercross series. Rutted jumps and pyrotechnics conspire to make the show a flop. A second exhibition is canceled.

    1997: With the SMP Freestyle Team grounded, Brian Deegan wins the 125 AMA Supercross at the Los Angeles Coliseum and ghost-rides his bike off the massive finish-line jump. The AMA fines him $500 for endangering others.

    1998: Freestyle jumpers (including Brian Deegan and Carey Hart) join the Vans Warped Tour, jumping their motocross bikes between musical acts like Blink 182 and Strung Out.

    1998: On the eve of the Steel City Nationals, hundreds of motocross fans gather in Mike Jones' backyard to witness an improved jumping session featuring Jones, Travis Pastrana, and Jeff Willoh. After 20 minutes the session is shut down due to safety concerns.

    1998: The Metal Mulisha's Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle cause a uproar at the MTV Sports and Music Festival in Memphis by discussing death and dismemberment.

    1998: Mike Metzger is crowned the champion of the inaugural Free Air Festival/Vans Triple Crown Series and walks away with a $50,000 Check.

    Fall, 1998 Soon to be Grammy-nominated Kid Rock shoots a music video for MTV that includes freestyle jumpers.

    January, 1999 4-Leaf Entertainment, creator of the Free Air Festival and SFX/PACE Motor Sports develop a joint venture to promote freestyle motocross.

    January, 1999 FMX pioneer Brian Manley breaks his back in a jumping accident near Phoenix, effectively ending his riding career.

    April, 1999 PACE Motor Sports invites Mike Jones to perform a solo freestyle exhibition between segments of the Indianapolis Surercross. Jones, baggy pants and all, also grabs the holeshot over Jeremy McGrath in his heat race -- featured on ABC -- and leads the champ for one lap.

    April, 1999 While filming a commercial for Gravity Games, Brian Deegan collides in mid-air with a remote controlled helicopter.

    May, 1999 The promoters of Paris' legendary Bercy Supercross hold their first "freestyle only" competition.

    June, 1999 Travis Pastrana celebrates winning the Summer X Games on ESPN by jumping his Suzuki into the San Francisco Bay. The all-sport network causes uproar when it decides not to air the jump due to environmental concerns.

    June, 1999 At the freestyle contest in Idaho, former racer-turned long distance jumper "Flyin'" Mike Brown crashes while jumping over a tractor trailer. Brown nearly dies and ends up losing a leg.

    August, 1999 Mike Jones crashes on his backyard FMX course and injures his neck. Fortunately, Jones suffers no lasting injuries and is jumping again within three months.

    September, 1999 Travis Pastrana wins the NBC Gravity Games in Rhode Island. In the same contest, Pastrana wins the first FMX Double Competition with partner Kenny Bartman.

    September, 1999 The anti-stylish Robbie Knievel jumps over a section of the Grand Canyon on Fox Television but crashes upon landing.

    October, 1999 Travis Pastrana enters both the US Open Race (won by Jeff Emig) and the FMX exhibition (won by Egar Torronteras) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Later that night, in a summit between FMX and the other "extreme" sports, Brian Deegan and X Games icon Shaun Palmer trade punches in the Hard Rock Casino parking lot.

    November, 1999 Mike Cinqmars lands a 197-footer, a world record for dune jumping at the MTV's Sports Music Festival in Death Valley, Nevada.

    November, 1999 Travis Pastrana is featured on The Late Show with David Letterman jumping his Suzuki RM 125 down 53rd Street in Manhattan. Pastrana botches one landing and crashes, negating any "live" jumps for the show. Regardless, Letterman invites Pastrana into the studio and calls the kid "an amazing athlete."

    November, 1999 In his first-ever 125cc professional race, Travis Pastrana wins the class at the Pasadena round of the 99 FIM World SX Championships.

    December 1999 Seth Enslow comes up short on a world-record jumping attempt in Apple Valley, California. As Enslow is air-lifted out, his jump is measured at 245.2 feet, six feet short of the world record.

    December, 1999 Mike Metzger clinches his second straight Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle motocross title.


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    January, 2000 Old school magazine Motocross Action swallows its well-know anti-freestyle pride and places jumper Edger Torronteras on its cover, featuring an FMX for the first time.

    January, 2000: Newsweek dubs freestyle motocross a sport of the future and features photos of Travis Pastrana.

    February, 2000 Mountain Dew runs a commercial during the Super Bowl telecast that features several freestyle jumpers, including Kris Rourke, Travis Pastrana, and Mike Metzger.

    February, 2000 Seth Enslow is featured in ESPN: The Magazine for his failed world record attempt.

    February, 2000 Freestyle jumper Clifford "the flyin' Hawaiian" Adoptante is signed to an endorsement deal by Spinmaster Toys, makers of the wildly popular Fick-Trix BMX toys.

    March, 2000 Freestyle jumper Travis Pastrana wins 125 Supercross races in Daytona and St. Louis.

    April, 2000 ESPN's information mailer for the Summer X Games in August features a picture of Travis Pastrana rather than athletes from more "traditional" X Games sports like skateboarding, BMX, or Street Ludge.

    April, 2000 Travis Pastrana and Carey Hart film a commercial for Jakks Pacicic toys in Las Vegas.

    May, 2000 Seven-time Supercross champion Jeremy McGrath and FMX superstar Travis Pastrana appear together on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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